The Gooey Bloborb and Kickstarter Promotion

So hi guys, I haven't posted anything for a while due to school and other things, but I will try to return to a weekly blog. Anyway, The Bloborb, The Bloborb is a yellow slime creature that lives in dark places and caves. The Bloborb waits for people to get near and climbs on them, starting to inject their lethal poisons that coat them into the victim. The poison then causes the victim to melt down and die. The only way to kill a Bloborb is to bring a companion and have them cast a magic spell on the Bloborb to kill it.

Also, thank you for all the support on wave 1 of the Iconic Miniatures! We now have 138 followers on the project. Our original goal was a hundred people so this was amazing! Because of this the team is working hard to come up with a Russel Surprise so you can get excited about that. Though of course we do have other things in the pipeline! Anyway, see you guys next week for an all new post on the Hydromeleons!

- Jack Anderson

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